Ground Floor

by Ess Jones

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“They KRS raps, but the tracks all trap; so it sound like Street Fighter, E. Honda, all slaps”
Ess Jones, Money Machine

We are looking at a time where the entire world is tired, hungry, and anxious. There is a global epidemic of pain and violence. Truth is distorted and hidden while clandestine agendas reign. People kill and die in the name of God, money, and everything in between. I’ve been asking myself: What is my contribution? What do I bring to the table?

Ever since my younger days, I’ve longed to live an impactful life. I wanted to touch the world on a historical scale and make this a better, more evolved place. I’ve struggled with realizing this conviction as I’ve tried to juggle the worries of life. I have a family to raise, a community to care for, and goals to meet. With that being said, how do I reconcile the mission to be of ultimate Godly purpose with the lust for life and its decadence? Without a clear answer the only thing that I could do was to express that symphony of emotion, desire, vision, and calling through my music. I’ve always felt the need to speak powerful lyrics of purpose. But I’ve also always wanted to enjoy the power of the moment as the drive of the drums compel movement. So my sound has evolved to represent my whole self. Firstly and above all, I am God’s manifested body. I am a Husband. I am a Father. I am a Leader. I am a Teacher. I am a Warrior. I am a Servant. I am a King. I am Chicago. I am a grown Man. I am perfect and flawed. My music is the experience that comes with being all of this at any given moment and in every moment. Ground Floor is a quick trip through this experience.

I speak to my People and for my People. My People are trying to climb up from darkness into light. My People are in 9-5 jobs that they hate because their family needs food. My People are in the trap because they lack any other viable opportunity. My People are in jail because the system preyed upon them knowing that they are in a hopeless environment lacking resources. My People are in church because they desperately want to meet God. Ground Floor is a conversation with my People. I want them to know that I see them. I want them to see me.


released December 15, 2015

Production powered by HDRapBeats.Com
Tracks 1&2 produced by YT
Tracks 3-8 produced by SaruBeatz
Recorded at Blacklight Studios, Chicago
Mixed and Mastered at Classick Studios, Chicago



all rights reserved


Ess Jones Chicago, Illinois

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Track Name: Clubber Lang feat Jah Safe and G Hendrix
Clubber Lang
Neck fulla chains
Fist fulla rangs
Wrist fulla bangs
Clubber Lang